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Published: October 1, 2011
Category: history

Michael Bennett: History Quiz

By Rachel Straus

1. How did Bennett model himself after Jerome Robbins?

2. What was the first Broadway show Bennett saw at age 11?

3. _______ was Bennett’s longtime collaborator.

4. Name a few Broadway shows Bennett directed and/or choreographed?

5. Who organized the 1974 tape sessions that later developed into A Chorus Line?

6. The musical’s story, lyrics, design and choreography were created through revisions and collaborations through what is now called the ___________.

7. What show did Bennett directly after A Chorus Line?

8. What awards did Bennett receive for A Chorus Line?

9. Who created the music for A Chorus Line?

10. Bennett died of ______ at age_____.


ANSWER KEY1. He crafted historically and psychologically realistic characters, using existing dance styles to reflect an individual’s world. ; 2. Fosse’s The Pajama Game; 3.Bob Avian; 4. Promises, Promises, Company, Follies, Seesaw, A Chorus Line and Dreamgirls; 5. Michon Peacock and Tony Stevens; 6. workshop production; 7.Ballroom; 8. Two Tony Awards two Drama Desk Awards, the 1976 Pulitzer Prize and the 1976 Dance Magazine Award; 9. Marvin Hamlisch; 10. AIDS, 44.

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