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January 2021

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Biz card design

Closing in on final business card and flipping again on two- vs. one-sided.  I have removed some labels (such as “Phone”).   I also removed the “http” from the blog URL giving room to add the subdirectory. Although the blog URL won’t get you your blog precisely, it is pretty darn close.  Take a look at the information presented and let me know if you want further edits.

Also, I have printed and studied the photo vs. halftone images and I think they both work.  The halftones is more abstract but the photo is pretty abstract already.  You can download them from the website and print at home if you wish. Also, I can mail you my inkjet outout.  Before final printing I will get proofs from the print shop.

Halftones Radius 4:

Realistic photo:

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