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Juilliard Dance

Published: November 1, 2008
Category: review

Savion Glover's "Bare Soundz"

By Rachel Straus

To be in the presence of a dance genius is one thing. To be in the presence of a dance genius who exudes joy from every pore of his body is plain miraculous. Savion Glover’s arrival on the Sadler Well’s stage this week with his latest show Bare Soundz was an []

Published: March 1, 2007
Category: review

The Forsythe Company: "Three Atmospheric Studies"

By Rachel Straus

A bomb. Bone fragments on broken pavement. A mother’s search for her son—in no apparent order.

These are William Forsythe’s raw materials for ”Three Atmospheric Studies.” They bear little in common with the 58-year-old philosopher-choreographer’s former predilection for abstractions. Nor do they lend themselves to développé, penché, pirouette. In Forsythe’s action play—a []