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Published: March 21, 2011
Category: review

Martha Graham: The Gold Is in the Old

By Rachel Straus

NEW YORK — Keeping the artistic legacy of Martha Graham (1894-1991) alive is a conundrum. The choreographer pioneered a technique that physicalized feelings of loss, desire, rage and resignation. But today her dance aesthetic, with its cubist lines and hyper-intense characters, can feel passé, despite its universal themes. Last week (March 15-20), []

Published: November 11, 2003
Category: review

A triumphant return for Martha Graham company

By Rachel Straus

One sign of a masterpiece is that it never looks dated. Friday’s performance of “Embattled Garden” by the Martha Graham Dance Company at The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College met that standard.

“Garden” is set in an architectural phantasm by designer Isamu Noguchi. Instead of a biblical garden, this eden resembles []