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Published: March 4, 2014
Category: profile

The Shortstop Who Slid Into Choreography

By Rachel Straus

Takehiro “Take” Ueyama was on the road to professional baseball until his team lost the nationals. Then he discovered Michael Jackson, the Moonwalk, and, much to his dismay, wearing tights.

Takehiro “Take” Ueyama fell in love with baseball as a boy growing up in Tokyo, but when his team didn’t make []

Published: September 23, 2011
Category: review

Israel Galván: Upending the Flamenco Tradition, Artfully

By Rachel Straus

NEW YORK – Flamenco dancer Israel Galván could be the modern-day soul-mate to the famed Vaslav Nijinsky. Like the Russian ballet dancer (d. 1950), he hails from a prestigious dance family and had the finest training. Also like Nijinsky, when he turned to choreography, he distorted his dance tradition’s codified vocabulary beyond []

Published: April 15, 2003
Category: review

Tharp - master of bodies in motion - rides a cresting wave

Choreographer Twyla Tharp’s torrentially prolific energy is much in evidence lately.

As the director and choreographer of “Movin’ Out,” a dance drama set to Billy Joel’s most-loved songs, she has a Broadway hit.

As a maker of more than 125 dances, her choreographic works can be found on video store shelves and her touring company []