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Published: August 3, 2012
Category: history

Royal Winnipeg Ballet at Jacob's Pillow

By Rachel Straus

Like the history of Jacob’s Pillow, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s evolution reads like a pioneer’s tale. Becket, Massachusetts and Winnipeg, Canada are not obvious places to build internationally hailed dance institutions. Yet in 1939, Gweneth Lloyd and her former pupil Betty Farrally formed the Winnipeg Ballet Club. A few years earlier, Ted []

Published: May 6, 2007
Category: profile

Teaching tots: Beverly Spell introduces ballet with imagery, stories —and a sequential lesson plan

By Rachel Straus

“Good morning knees!” sings out Beverly F. Spell as she and her students bend over to make verbal and facial contact with their kneecaps. The four-year-olds don’t realize that, through this exercise of straightening their legs in time with the music, they are learning anatomy and developing their hamstrings in preparation for []