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Published: June 20, 2012
Category: review

Dido & Aeneas, a "Choreographic Opera"

By Rachel Straus

BERLIN — The story of Dido & Aeneas has long been popular among contemporary choreographers. In 1989, Mark Morris created his Dido and Aeneas to Purcell’s late 17th-century opera. In 1999, Pina Bausch’s O Dido employed nothing of the opera score, but incorporated the myth’s water imagery. Choreographer Sasha Waltz []

Published: November 2, 2010
Category: history

Maurice Béjart

By Rachel Straus

The rock concert experience, with its mass appeal and raucous atmosphere, is not commonly associated with classical, opera house ballet. But in the 1960s, French choreographer Maurice Béjart (1927–2007) created grand theatrical spectacles that were performed in sports arenas and circus tents and spoke to a younger generation.

Over 45 years []

Published: November 1, 2010
Category: history

History Quiz: Maurice Béjart

By Rachel Straus

1. What aspects made Béjart’s work revolutionary?

2. Name one famous choreographer who he influenced.

3. With Mona Ingelsby’s International Ballet company, Béjart danced the role of _____ in _____ _____ 239 times.

4. True or False: Béjart’s reinterpretation of masterpieces like Stravinsky’s Rite of Springdisregarded the original story lines.

5. []